Complete diagnosis


Complete diagnosis

Has your “Check Engine” light turned on? Do you hear strange noises coming from the engine or the wheels? Do you suspect there is something that is just not right when driving your car? At Rajcan Auto Center we have the equipment and experience to do a full diagnosis, so the problem can be pinpointed and addressed quickly and reliably.

Before coming, if you have noticed something irregular that is not present all the time, we suggest you take note of the circumstances that trigger it:


  • Does it happen after driving a while?
  • Is it a sound? When you turn, when you break, when you accelerate?
  • Does a light turn on? Does it happen in especially cold or hot days?
  • Did the problem just start? For how long has it been happening?


The information you collect will be useful to quickly identify the problem and confirm it through visual and/or electronic inspection.